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Garnet Star Key Necklace

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Image of Garnet Star Key Necklace
  • Image of Garnet Star Key Necklace
  • Image of Garnet Star Key Necklace

|28" 6.3mm Copper Ball Chain|
|Solid Copper|
|No machine duplicates|
|10 gauge wire thickness ⭕|
|Natural Technology|Crystal Technology|
Each piece made specifically for you

Every Crystal is Unique! You'll Receive One Similar to the Photographs pictured above.

Garnet is found all over the world and is notoriously known to be the stone of many ancient talismans. Garnet is known for its utilization of creative energy. Garnet is a sensual stone. It represents primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos. It is a stone of strong, intense feelings and often referred to as the warrior's stone. Garnet was used in Kemet more than 5000 years ago and in Sumeria around 2100 B.C. It  has been used as a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, the South American Indians, the Aztecs, the African tribal elders, and the Mayans.
Garnet is said to expand awareness and enhance your internal fire to bring creative powers to implementation.
Almandine Garnet which is usually brownish red is strongly tied to the earth. It corresponds with the first chakra and provides pyschic protection.
Aids in circulation and all blood related issues.
Said to increase willpower and resistance to negativity.
Garnet balances energy and is said to inspire love and balance the sex drive. 
Garnet is also considered a lucky stone, for love, success, and for business relationships.
It has been used to reduce body toxins, purify vital organs and blood, and assists in assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Emotionally it provides a protective and calming influence during use and is thought to heal melancholy and depression and strengthening the survival instinct, 
All Garnets honor #Sekhmet, the Egyptian #Goddess head of a lion and  body of a woman