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Copper Wrapped Carnelian

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Image of Copper Wrapped Carnelian
  • Image of Copper Wrapped Carnelian
  • Image of Copper Wrapped Carnelian

Every Crystal is Unique! You'll Receive One Similar to the Photographs pictured above.

Carnelian is of the trigonal Crystal system
For the Base and Sacral Chakras
For #Taurus #Cancer #Leo #
Carnelian was beloved by the ancient people of Kemet (Egypt).
Believed that it assisted the soul on its journey and offered great protective powers in the afterlife.
Used to calm anger, jealousy, & envy.
Stabilizing stone with high energy
Carnelian has the ability to cleanse other stones.
Removes the fear of death helping one to accept the cycle of life
Helps with making positive life choices
Overcome negative conditioning and abuse
Stone of abundance and highly motivational

Various forms of copper have been used for medicinal purposes throughout the history of mankind. Today, as more information becomes available, alternative health care and home remedies are gaining popularity.
Copper is a trace element (Cu) which has been well accepted for it's reported healing properties and its role in defending our bodies against infection. Copper is known to improve the production of hemoglobin (the main component of red blood cells), myelin (the substance that surrounds nerve fibers), collagen (a key component of bones and connective tissue), and melanin (a dark pigment that colors the hair and skin). Copper also aids in the bodies absorption of Iron (Fe) another important trace element.
As a healing metal copper is also used for problems with excess fat. It benefits the liver, spleen, and lymphatic system.
As an antioxidant, Copper (especially when combined with vitamin C) seeks out damaging particles in the body which are known as free radicals. Free radicals occur naturally in the body and can damage cell walls and interact with genetic material. Free radicals are believed to contribute to the aging process. Antioxidants can neutralize free radicals and may reduce or even help prevent some of the damage they cause. Copper is also said to aid in the stabilization of metabolism and can also be of benefitt to the lungs, improving the exchange of oxygen and filtering out pollutants.

Copper and other essential trace minerals cannot be formed by the human body. These minerals must be ingested in the diet or absorbed by the skin. The long held theory is based on the belief that when copper is placed in close proximity to skin (the largest human organ), a constant although minuscule amount of the essential element is transferred into the skin tissue.