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Copper Wrapped Tourmaline

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Image of Copper Wrapped Tourmaline
  • Image of Copper Wrapped Tourmaline
  • Image of Copper Wrapped Tourmaline
  • Image of Copper Wrapped Tourmaline
  • Image of Copper Wrapped Tourmaline

100% Copper
Raw Black Tourmaline
Comes with 100% Copper Ball Chain

Every Crystal is Unique! You'll Receive One Similar to the Photographs pictured above.

THE APEX OF PROTECTION [2-1/2 -3] inches #Black #Tourmaline solid #Copper Wrapped| PLEASE READ>>>>Tourmaline is the apex of protection and clearing it protects from Electromagnetic Smog. Radiation, #psychic attack, and promotes a clear calm attitude | electromagnetic smog comes from anything that uses or produces alternating current (A.C) electricity. This in turn produces electromagnetic radiation : cellphones, laptops, transformers inside or outside, electric motors, fans, air conditioners, you get the picture. This smog or radiation causes several problems for humans such as DNA damage, increased fatigue, increased headaches and migraines, increase chances of cancer developing because our bodies are already overly acidic and we have high levels of metals in us and this is s playground for cancer and other diseases that thrive in highly acidic body, decreased fertility in men (keep the cell phones away from your sexual organs people), emotional changes that are hard to handle, etc there's a lot more....but Tourmaline is good and protecting you from the radiation and environmental pollutants. Ancient "magicians" relied upon tourmaline to protect them from earth demons | This is powerful PURIFYING #crystal| This crystal is electrical in nature and is also a powerful grounding crystal | This is a shamanic stone and provides protection during spiritual work and meditation| high frequencies can be passed through tourmaline without it shattering and it's widely used as an electrical tuning circuit for conducting television and radio frequencies | Tourmaline also enhances the perception of pheromones ;) | THIS IS OUR MOST POWERFUL PROTECTION PIECE AS OF NOW #1 the environment we live in on earth at this time would not be considered heaven by any means we suggest tourmaline to everyone and even in large sizes for your house, you can combat the destructive forces going against your mind and body never think nature doesn't have your back but you must seek protection yourself | As you should already know copper will only magnify the effect of this crystal and serves as a direct medium or connection between your bio field to the tourmaline which feeds the needed areas in your body for example copper has a direct link to melanin.