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Fully Wrapped Aquamarine Ankh

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Image of Fully Wrapped Aquamarine Ankh
  • Image of Fully Wrapped Aquamarine Ankh

Fully Wrapped Aquamarine Ankh
3 1/2" - 4" length
No machines
No duplicates
Each piece made
Specifically for you

Every Crystal is Unique! You'll Receive One Similar to the Photographs pictured above.

Aquamarine is a hexagonal Crystal
Aligns all chakras, clears throat chakra, opens third eye
#Aries #Scorpio #Gemini #Pisces
The color of aquamarine comes from minute traces of iron.
Aquamarine shields the aura
Invokes high states of consciousness.
Good for sensitive people helps with increasing tolerance with overwhelming responsibilities.
Breaks down self DESTRUCTIVE programming.
Can really help with making dynamic changes.
Useful for closure on all levels.
Aquamarine filters information reaching the brain and clarifies perception.