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Fully Wrapped Ulexite Ankh

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Image of Fully Wrapped Ulexite Ankh

3 1/2" - 4" Ankh in length
No machines
No duplicates
Each piece made
Specifically for you

Every Crystal is Unique! You'll Receive One Similar to the Photographs pictured above.

Ulexite is a sodium calcium borate mineral with atriclinic crystal structure
Found in the desert of southwest America
For the 3rd eye Chakra (6th)
Enhances clairvoyance
A stone of "far seeing"
Used to help see events of the probable future, present happenings in distant places
Uses the third eye to open interdimensional gates allowing one to see and interact with beings from higher planes
Can be programmed to allow one to connect to extraterrestrials, guides, she other entities
Activates latent intuitive abilities
Sensitizes the self to be able to read the energies and intentions of others
Stimulates imagination and creativity
Activates the 3rd eye allowing access images and visions
Meditating or sleeping with Ulexite can awaken telepathy.
Quickens mental processes allowing answers to complex problems instantly
Enhances memory
Works with Selenite, Celestite, Angelite...fit linking with higher dimensions.

We see the ankh as a frequency oscillator, an energy transformer/transmitter
We believe that when a conductive metal Ankh is worn on the body it has the ability to transform the energy being emitted from the body having a positive effect on the aura or human biomagnetic field. 
Through the SHAPE of the Ankh in which the energy emitted from the body flows through that SHAPE which in turn oscillates that energy or alternates the current transforming that energy and emitting that change of energy out into the biomagmetic field or the aura. 
Which we believe at that point is re-absorbed into the body for benefit.
We believe that when a Crystal is attached to the Ankh, the energy of that crystal is involved in the transformation/emission/absorbtion process as well as adding it's energetic properties into the process fusing those properties with your energy. 
We believe that the prolonged wearing of the crystal Ankh or crystal piece will result in the body attuning itself to the frequency or vibration of the crystal piece.
WHEN TWO FREQUENCIES ARE BROUGHT TOGETHER, THE LOWER WILL ALWAYS RISE TO MEET THE HIGHER. This is the principle of resonance. Thus the crystal becomes an ascension guide for you. 
According to Amen the author of "The African Origins of Electromagnetism" the shape of the ankh, when wrapped in coils, allowed it to carry an electromagnetic charge.
The Ankh was the key used to control the flow of water in the underground flow of the Nile
The body is made up of 70-75% water which means the Ankh must have a similar effect on the human body
The Ankh represents the divine feminine at the top, the Oval (Magnetism)
And the Divine Masculine at the bottom, the staff (Electrical charge) 
It is an electromagnetic tool for healing and balancing energies
The top loop is said to represent eternal life while the cross represents the material plane