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Gold Plated Amethyst Heart Cluster Necklace


Image of Gold Plated Amethyst Heart Cluster Necklace

Amethyst Cluster Heart Cut
Plated in 14k yellow gold
.5 in x .5 in x .25 in
Comes with black leather cord

Amethyst is a trigonal Crystal
It corresponds to the third eye chakra, soma, crown and higher crown chakras.
#Jupiter and #Neptune
Crystal for #Aquarius & #Pisces
Amethyst promotes selflessness, spiritual wisdom, love of the of the divine.
Amethyst had the ability to open multidimensional awareness and enhances metaphysical abilities.
Sleeping with amethyst allows safe out of body experiences, dream recall and strengthens visualization.
Amethyst guards against psychic attacks
Blocks negative environmental energies
Purifies the aura
Amethyst helps with overcoming addictions and helps balance emotional highs and lows.