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Green Garnet Bracelet

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Green Garnet Crystal Bead Bracelet
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Garnet belongs to the cubic Crystal system
For the base & heart chakra/Purifies and energizes all
For Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
Named for the pomegranate, granatum
Used hundreds of years ago to drive off phantoms and demons
Powerful energizing & protection stone said to warn of approaching danger and draws harm to enemies
Inspires love and devotion
Helps removes inhibitions and taboos
Helps to open the heart
Bestows self confidence
Balances the sex drive
Alleviates emotional disharmony
Heightens the effect of tantric sex
Helps with attracting a compatible partner for sexual healing
Useful in a crisis
Fortifies the survival instinct
Helps dissolve ingrained behavioral patterns that no longer serve
Stimulates expanded awareness
Activates and amplifies other crystals
Square cut Garnet brings success in business matters