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Jade Crystal Hive


Image of Jade Crystal Hive

Tumbled Jade
|Solid Copper|
|10 Gauge Thick ⭕ 3.57mm|
||Handcrafted|NOT MADE IN CHINA|
|No machine duplicates|

|Natural Technology|Crystal Technology|
|Subconscious Programming Deflectors|
|Biofield Protection|Alchemy Tools|
Each piece made specifically for you

Every Crystal is Unique! You'll Receive One Similar to the Photographs pictured above.

Jade is of the monoclinic crystal system
Extremely tough stone cause by the finely interlocked and strongly bonded crystal structures
Green jade is for healing the heart
Jade has a fast acting energy it is strong and steady
Good to wear while sleep for their harmonious and nourishing vibrations have a beneficial effect on the dream state
Promotes wholesome and steady growth of one's chi
Draws upon the energies of earth's life force when worn outside and permeates one's auric field with that energy
Jade helps you carry the signature of nature into the most artificial environments
Harmonizes and balances the heart Chakra
Can be used to attract abundance, prosperity, and wealth.