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Mahogany Obsidian Crystal Key Necklace

$150.00 - $450.00

Image of Mahogany Obsidian Crystal Key Necklace

Mahogany Obsidian Point


Orgonite Copper Cap

Resin/Copper shavings

Rare Earth Magnets

Crushed Pyrite/Quartz/Tourmaline Mix

2.5-3.5"L x 3/4"W
2-3 oz
Engraved birthdate by creator

|Solid Copper|
|Handcrafted|NOT MADE IN CHINA|
|No machine duplicates|

Natural Technology|Crystal Technology|
|Subconscious Programming Deflectors|
|Biofield Protection|Alchemy Tools|
Each piece made specifically for you

Every Crystal is Unique! You'll Receive One Similar to the Photographs pictured above.

Obsidian is of the Amorphous
Crystal system
Found in Mexico and volcanic regions
Zodiac Sign #Sagittarius
Planet #Saturn

Obsidian has no crystalline structure and because of that it is said to have no boundaries or limitations and works extremely fast with great power.
Obsidian is widely known for insight into the cause of disease.
Exposes flaws, weaknesses, blockages, and disempowering conditions, nothing can be hidden. Provides deep soul healing
Obsidian goes back into past lives to heal festering emotions or trauma carried forward into the present
Obsidian is a powerful protective stone
Forms a shield against negativity, providing a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth
It absorbs negative energies from the environment and blocks psychic attack and negative spiritual influences
Black obsidian is shamanic stone and was widely used by the #Aztecs
Obsidian removes disorder from the body and draws its negativity and REPELS CURSES
grounds the soul and spiritual forces in the physical plane and brings them under the direction of your conscious will
Obsidian is a strong stone and will magnify negative energy so it can be fully experienced and released
Can even be used to heal the ancestral or family line and reverse the misuse of power

Orgonite is a positive energy generator.
A laundromat for negative energy.
When the resin mix in the Orgonite hardens it squeezes the crystal electrically polarizing the end point (the same pressure is used in watches to keep them accurate)
Reduces harmful effects of EMF radiation
Transmutes negative energies
Helps repel predatory life forms
Orgonite amplifies the healing properties of crystals to a great degree