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Vogel Quartz Baby Crystal Key Necklace

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Image of Vogel Quartz Baby Crystal Key Necklace
  • Image of Vogel Quartz Baby Crystal Key Necklace
  • Image of Vogel Quartz Baby Crystal Key Necklace


Vogel Cut Quartz Crystal Point

Orgonite Copper Cap

Resin/Copper shavings

Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

Crushed Pyrite, Quartz, and Tourmaline

1.5"L x 2.5"W
1-2 oz

|Solid Copper|
|Handcrafted|NOT MADE IN CHINA|
|No machine duplicates|

Natural Technology|Crystal Technology|
|Subconscious Programming Deflectors|
|Biofield Protection|Alchemy Tools|
Each piece made specifically for you

Quartz is a cosmic key to your crown chakra
Quartz are Piezoelectric Crystals.
Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress (I.e resin)
Put under pressure by resin produces a steady vibrating signal (electric field)
Quartz is beneficial for raising/amplifying your frequency.
Frequency determination of Quartz is primarily determined by the cut.
Not only clear in appearance, Clear Quartz also possesses a certain clarity in its ability as a stone. This clarity is seen in its skill to be "programmed" by its holder

Orgonite is a positive energy generator.
A laundromat for negative energy.
When the resin mix in the Orgonite hardens it squeezes the crystal electrically polarizing the end point (the same pressure is used in watches to keep them accurate)
Reduces harmful effects of EMF radiation
Transmutes negative energies
Helps repel predatory life forms
Orgonite amplifies the healing properties of crystals to a great degree